Episode 40 – Accepting Submissions

In this first episode of the new format for the Electric Samba or some other name that we haven’t thought about yet, we introduce you to 3 interesting projects or videos that are of interest to our Electric Conversion community. These are some of the projects that have inspired me to keep moving forward with my attempt to create my dream car. Hope you guys find these interesting as well, and share them with others.

Featured Project Number 1 – http://j35.us/electricsamba_w01f01
Chris Carlson of Babe’s Automotive is currently converting an awesome 1937 Chevy Coop and calls it “The Electric Rod”. He’s turning this iconic classic car into electric, by installing an AC76 3-Phase induction motor from HPEVS. He will attempt to power the vehicle with used 18650 laptop batteries, which is really cool, and also will attempt a spring loaded battery box to harness the 18560s. Good luck and hope he keeps us updated on his progress.

Featured Project Number 2 – http://j35.us/electricsamba_w01f02
A two wheel contraption brought to you by ItalJet Moto, which promises to be perfect for people like me. It combines the retro classic look with features of a modern vehicle, and is too small to be considered to be a motorcycle, yet too big to be an e-bike, perfect for someone who isn’t fully committed to owning a full size bike. We don’t have too many specs but, we hope it makes it to production and that it’s affordable enough for all of us to have a ride.

Featured Project Number 3 – http://j35.us/electricsamba_w01f03
This 3rd video shows you just how easy it is to make the Nissan Leaf Batterie packs, oh no wait, it shows you need a whole lot of highly specialized equipment, a clean room full of automated robotic arms. It’s actually very impressive and makes for the whole process very visually and interesting to look at.

This video was produced by http://indiespot.tv
::::::::: Misa Garcia (http://twitter.com/misagarcia)
::::::::: Jehu Garcia (http://electricsamba.com)

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